How do I register my fundraiser?

It's as easy as clicking the 'fundraise' button! 

After completing a few questions, you'll be on your way to helping the lives of young aussies facing cancer. One of our team will then be in touch to find out a bit more about your fundraiser and see how we can help.

I’m not planning on using my online page, do I need to register?

Yes please! By registering your intention to fundraise, we are able to offer you support and guidance throughout your event.

It also allows us to provide you with things like an Authority to Fundraise (which allows you to fundraise on our behalf), donation boxes and receipt books.

How can Canteen help my fundraiser?

While you're responsible for running the physical event and gathering sponsors, we can help you with tips and tools along the way. Our team is available to brainstorm and provide guidance whenever it's needed. Our job is to make your fundraiser as easy as possible!

Simply get in touch at fundraising@canteen.org.au 

Where does my fundraising go?

Your fundraising makes a huge difference to the lives of young people living with cancer. Read more

How do I return my funds?

Any donations made directly onto your online page have already found their way to us! The best part is your supporters will have been receipted as well.

For any other funds, you have the following options:

By direct deposit

Make a deposit over the counter at National Australia Bank. Call us on 1800 226 833 to get our bank details and your unique reference number.

By credit card

Put the money raised into your bank account and pay with your credit card. Call us on 1800 226 833 to make your payment.

By post

Send us a cheque or money order addressed to 'CanTeen Australia', making sure to include your name, phone number and event details.

Please send it to:

Canteen Australia
75 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

The sooner you bank the money you’ve raised, the sooner you can make your hard work count and help us provide support to young people affected by cancer.

Can you provide any other resources?

We sure can! Simply get in touch. Once you are registered, our team are happy to provide you with a selection of resources to assist your fundraiser:

  • Authority to Fundraise
  • Receipt books
  • Donation tins
  • Merchandise
  • Balloons