you make

Your fundraising makes a huge difference to the lives of young people living with cancer.

*Based on 2019 Annual Report 

Thanks to wonderful supporters like you we’ve been able to be in the corner of young people across the country when cancer has come crashing into their lives.

Young people affected by cancer are up to six times more likely to face mental health issues like depression and anxiety than their peers. Canteen and your support reduces that risk.

After just six months of support from Canteen, almost two thirds of young people affected by cancer report improvements in their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Matt was just 16 when he lost his Dad to cancer. It left a huge gap in his life that could only be filled with the right kind of support and understanding.

“With Dad gone, I was more empty than anything. I didn’t feel many emotions until I visited the Canteen counsellor. That’s another big help from Canteen. The counselling space is a healthy space where you can share and have time away from everything. That helped me to let go of my emotions and get some release, without being judged by anyone.”

How your money helps


delivers an information resource to support a young person through the challenges of living with cancer.


provides a young person with one hour of professional online or telephone counselling.


helps one young person have a break from the daily pressures of living with cancer and attend a Canteen Recreation Day.


helps enable a young person to attend a New Member Program and start connecting with others going through similar experiences.


means a young person who has lost a parent or sibling to cancer can attend a weekend program to develop skills for managing their grief.


means one young person can attend a training program to develop the skills required for speaking with the media at events and in advocacy campaigns.