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Stand up to cancer with Canteen

With social distancing recommendations in place across Australia, there's never been a better time to work on losing one of those bad habits while supporting young people living with cancer as you do it. Sugar, coffee, wine... th e possibilities are endless!

Now, more than ever, it's important to have a healthy body and mind. And that's what you'll be helping us do as we move all of our emotion and mental support services online. 

Please help us reach our goal to raise $150,000 to keep Canteen Connect which is the cost to keep Canteen Connect running for the three months. 

Canteen Connect is a 24/7 world-class online support service. It enables young people whose lives have been impacted by cancer to connect with others in similar situations online, which is more important now than ever. Information and helpful resources are tailored to each individual situation and young people can easily chat to one of our online counsellors and each other.


Ideas to get you started...


Host your own fundraising at school, virtually or at home (remember to comply with social distancing guidelines). Host a virtual morning tea with your collegaues or get the girls or boys around for a games or pamper night. So much fun to be had!



Dye your hair green, red, blue pink or all the colours of the rainbow.
Be brave and shave your hair,  or get creative and wear a Canteen bandanna every day for a month!
You can show your support in so many ways.


Why not ask for birthday or wedding gifts in the form of a donation to Canteen this year. Set up a fundraising page and share it on social media or include the link as part of your wedding invitations, its amazing what happens when you ask.


Maybe it's that mid-morning coffee you'd nip out of the office to get every morning, or the sugary snack you'd have with your afternoon tea. Or could you quit Netflix for a whole month?! 'Quit It' - and ask people to support you at the same time.


Running and walking events have all been cancelled or postponed so why not take on your own personal virtual challenge? Dare yourself to cycle, walk, run, skip, or hop 10kms, 20kms or even 30,000kms and log your progress online while getting others to support you - they might even want to join you on the challenge.



Whether you are a serious gamer or someone who streams for fun, what a way to fundraise!! You can be playing FIFA, battling in League of Legends or even live streaming a baking lesson, teaching karate or even a guitar jam session. The online world is your oyster!



Or why not take on the challenge of one our Canteen or Running events. 
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