Top tips

Below are our top tips on making the most out of your fundraiser. Have a read for the best way to get yourself started on the right foot!

Create your online fundraising page

By setting up an online page you're taking the first step to getting your fundraising off the ground. An online page is a fantastic (and easy) way to share your message, encourage your friends to support you and gather your donations.

Your family and friends will receive their tax-deductible donation receipt as soon as they donate, and it makes for a great platform to thank them!

Personalise your page

Your fundraising page is what you make it! Those who are supporting you love to hear your story, see your photos and come along for the journey.

Use your online page to add a profile photo, blog about your journey and tell your story. Help your community be part of your experience.

Make a donation

Kick starting your fundraising with a personal donation is a great way to get the ball rolling. It helps to show your community that you are committed to reaching your target.

Friends and family often follow your lead so make your donation count!

Share far and wide

Get your fundraising page out there. Post it on social, send it in emails, shout it from the rooftops!

Make sure you include why you're supporting Canteen and what it means to you. It's amazing what happens when you ask for support.

Reach out for support

Our team is here to help. We can provide you with resources for your event, fundraising ideas, best practice and even just a good chat to brainstorm ideas. We love to hear what our community are doing to support us.

Your fundraising activity is meant to be fun – and we want to hear about it!