Scott McKay

Road Raise 2021

Hi There,

In April 2020 I am committed to make a difference in supporting young people when cancer crashes into their world.

CanTeen is the game changer - They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with their peers in similar situations.

I'll be saddling up with 35 like minded cyclists on an epic journey from Adelaide to Melbourne - over 7 days travellling more than 1100kms AND reaching a total elevation of over 7500 Metres !

Please help me to reach my goal and together we can be the difference in their lives.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Whistle & Flute

Fantastic cause Scotty, very proud to be part of the fight and the search for successful treatments..





Nice work Scott - Road Raise 21 cocktail event


Building Industry Consultants

Well done on your ride mate.. great effort. Didn’t think you were worth $500 though.


Scott Mckay


P&r Electrical


Jamie Botten

well played mate x


Tony Smith

Your crazy … but good cause … so hope all goes well



Well done for doing this Scott. Great cause


Peter Burgan


Wise Crash Repairs

Good stuff


Casey & Brendan Hall

Great effort for a great cause. Best of luck!


Kylie Loebel

Good on you cuz and good luck! What an amazing cause. Love Kylie, Dave and Jamie


Dan Martens

lead the way hollywood mckay


Jim Richards

That's going to be a long ride on your freestyle BMX! Good luck mate. Great work!


Braden & Megan Higgs

Great work Scott. Enjoy the ride!


Colin Mckay


Melissa Finck

Good on you brother Shmack Shmack


Rpms Rentals Venables

A great cause to support ! All the best Scott


Mark Phelps

Wishing you all the best Scott. Great cause!


Lisa Alcott

Awesome work - enjoy the journey Scotty 👏


Anna Jackson & Richard Tyrer

Good luck, Scott! Good on you. Cheers, Anna & Rich


Alistair Loudon


Simon Pergold

Good on you Scott. Enjoy the ride!


Lee Sorensen


Jordan Parham

Good luck Scott!


Pete & Judy

Great cause and good luck



You're a legend big fella. I hope the ride is awesome. When it gets tough just think about those afflicted. Proud of you for what you are doing.


Unearthed Landscaping


Judith Mckay

Good luck, good cause xx


Clint And Beck Tomney

Goodluck McKay! Great cause, have fun and enjoy the ride.....


Suzanne Adams (wark)

Great job Scott, for a fabulous cause. Hope the legs aren’t hurting too much!


Vicki Holt

Well done Scott. Hope you enjoy the journey


Kara Kimber

All the best Scott


Michelle Starr


Matthew Hill

Awesome stuff Scotty! Good luck with the race


Melissa Frazer


Craig Watts

Good to see you the other day mate. Awesome work


Tom Birch

Good cause and good luck Scott!


Dave Forster

Great work Smacka! Anything to escape Jess for a few days ;-)


Levi Frost



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