Raise It

I am doing this to show my support for Kids with Cancer.

I am Raising it - Shaving it - and Spreading the word of awareness that Young Aussie's need OUR help.

'Canteen' support's Young Aussies who suffer from Cancer or have a family member that has cancer.  

Canteen helps people who are affected by cancer connect with other cancer affected people, they also build recourses to get through the most difficult of times.

To make a difference in these peoples lives we need to be reminded that they can't do this alone and they need our help.

So Help Me Help Them and please give what you can to help. 

Nicholas (Nico)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Golf Day

Well Done Nicholas!


Antonello Produce

Congratulations Nicholas , we are so proud of you , lots of love the Antonello’s xx?


Digimech Group

Well done Nico, great job mate!


Fontaine Industries

Well done Nico you legend !


Adrian Lando


James Fyssounas

You’re a champion little buddy, we are all very proud of you.


Kura Antonello

Nicholas, it’s wonderful to know that there are young people like you in the world. Cancer Awareness Month is very important to me, so thank you for doing this. I can’t wait to see your transformation. Lots of love Kura


Irina Sequeira

Good work Nico! So proud of you xox


Anna-maria Antonello

So proud of you Nicholas. not only did you make the decision to grow your hair for 1 year and shave it in March but also spread the awareness of this charity and what they do for children and their families. You have a big heart.... can't wait for you Shave if off!


Con Tsioukis

Well done Nicholas !


Marie Milidoni

Well done Nico! So proud of you xx


Libby, Paul & Sarah Dewar

This is a really wonderful thing you are doing Nicholas. Doing this shows you are a fine and caring young man who is thinking about others. Well done ??


Victoria Fyssounas

You’re a superstar Nicholas! Very proud of you for raising awareness for a very important cause.


Giacomo Kiki & Dunc Reeder


Harry Saltis

Well done Niko!!


Jo Burnell


Connie And Julian Menegazzo

So proud of your efforts Nicholas


Melanie Fyssounas

So proud of you Niko! You superstar!! xxx


Effie Andreou

You’re a superstar Nicholas. What a wonderful cause.


Lauren Simon Ronan Lila

This is awesome Nico, you legend!


The Khamu Family

Congratulations Nicholas! We’re so proud of you!


Osborne Family

Great effort Nico! What a fantastic thing you are doing!??


Maisie Brown


Amelia Patti & Family

Good job Nicholas! This is a great thing you are doing. Well done.


The Soderlunds

Well done Nico! You’re a superstar gorgeous boy xxxxx


Tameka And Elijah Dalpathadu

Good work mate


Dhilan & Akira Vijayalingam

We are all so proud of you! What a great initiative.


Pope Family

Awesome job Nico, we are all so proud of you!!


April Arundel

You are an amazing kid! Well done!


Leroy And Archie Hyland

Totally inspiring.


John Macris

Champion! ?


Mr Cuong Nguyen

Long curls, get the girls ;) Well done player


Maclennan Family


Cruz & Mila Calafiore

Well done Nicholas. You should be very proud of yourself. It takes courage and a person with a big heart to do what you are doing. We are proud of you. Good luck with the shave off! x


Tom W

Well done Nick


Mariah Deacon

Well done Nico!


Max Comito

Well done!!


Vera Macris

Well done!




Shria Aryal

Good job. Keep it up. Lots of blessings.


Nicholas Antonello


Paula Santi

Well done Nicho!!! We all love your long hair, but we’ll get use to it short again..


Vivianne Andreou


Woods-scamporlino Family

Well done Nico!


Declan Mcdade

We need more people like you in the world. You’re an amazing person for doing this. Good luck.


Josh B

Hi Nico - I'm donating because you're my grade 6 buddy and I want to see you with a shaved head!


Hunter Bennett

Good job Nico, such a good commitment. ?


Rosa Menegazzo

Well done Nicholas



Great initiative Nicholas!



Amazing. What a wonderful young handsome boy

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