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Shaving My Head To Save Chemo From Doing It To Others

My name is Lance Allan and the purpose of me shaving my head is to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer and prevent and support others from suffering the indignity of losing their hair due to chemotherapy.

I've seen first-hand the effects of cancer treatment and the pain that it brings upon families, as my grandma is currently in remission from battling Hodgkins Lymphoma, commonly known as leukaemia, which disabled her immune system from fighting this terrible disease. From 2018-2021 she had been fighting the terrible battle between cancer and courageously pulled through and is now in remission.

7 years ago, my brother and a couple of his schoolmates initiated this routine tradition of shaving their heads to uphold the human dignity of others.

My goal is to inspire my fellow peers to donate their hair to this greater cause and bring awareness to the ongoing struggle people have with cancer and the effects it has on their appearance and well-being.

My other goal apart from raising funds to fight this insidious disease, is to demonstrate to the people who have the battle that WE CARE!

At the end of the day, I'm only losing some hair so that my small sacrifice will raise money to support the families and individuals who have been affected by the terrible touch of cancer. The spectacle of losing all their hair in minutes is my dramatic way of raising funds for this worthwhile cause. 

Any small donation to support the cause means you are making an impact not just for individual families suffering now but to prevent future families from going through this pain.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Elise Barrow

You are an amazing leader. Keep inspiring others and showing another way to be your best.


St Patrick's College - Mercy Campus Students And Staff

Congratulations Lance on smashing your total and raising this amount of money for a cause that is so close to you. This is the money students donated during the shave! Well done!


Dylan Allan

Good on ya sword!


Patrick Hoare


Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal P/l


Hayden Morrow


Laurie Allan


Jenny Allan

I’ll be happy to see that mop gone🤩





Hello Lance


Kingston Grigg

“No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve all got 24 hours each” Not me. Mercy represent ✊🏼, love what you are doing


Myles Bryan

This is a good thing your doing Lance.


Dejay Russell

Good work lance


Liz Falzon

What an amazing achievement Lance. It is a pleasure to support you and such a great cause. Well Done!!


Kris Sturgeon

Good one, Lance!


Taylor Mccomb Fr Maccas North Mackay


Gail Howard

Way to go Lance - good luck with raising the money you need - looking forward to seeing photos.


Reagan Tame

come here often


Jake Hansen

Thank you for always being there for me and being a good friend. Jake Hansen


Chris Sorbello

An outstanding effort Lance for a great cause. Good luck for tomorrow.


Nate Derbin

Feels like summer by childish gambino


Sylvie Cahill


Jillian Large

Well done Lance




Louise Mullaney

Good on you Lance!


Anne Fehlhaber

Good luck Lance! I am in awe of your life changing work. Well done. Mrs Fehlhaber


Janice Quadrio

You rock!!!


Rachel Mckenzie

Incredible effort. Well done.


Erin Grimbaldeston


Chase Ahwang



Harry Bates

W gang


Nicholas Andreassen-landt


Glen Cureton

Well done Lance. A great cause to lose your hair for.


Tanya Kolfschoten

Good luck Lance. You are doing such a great thing by raising money for a great Charity.


Brendan Gunning

A great role model to us all, keep up the good work Lance.


Jamon Smith


Mikayla Green


Daniella Hardwick

Great work, Lance!


Darcy Sanderson

Needed the buzzzzzz


Kevin Guo

Bleach ur hair blonde and shave ur eyebrows afterwards


Rosemary Schultz


Evelita Jensen


Cody Berry

I wanna slap it


Josh Honan


Brendan Ford

Good luck with the fundraising young man.


Meg Dimaandal



Love you lance 😘


Susan Mccowan

Good on you legend! What a great cause :)


Archibald Howell

stroke it


John Bennett

Well done Lance


Patrick Hoare


Declan Burrows

I love men


Summer Bajada

Your doing an amazing job! 👍🏼


Zoe Kirkpatrick

Good job on shaving your head for a great cause!


Sylvia Phan

Good luck


Eryn De Pinto


Nate Walsh


Katy Ziekenheiner

I hope everything goes well Love what your doing


Lance Allan


Gracie Bell


Mr Beast

Zaya wade 💋


Toby Falconer

I wanna slap it

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