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My Experience with Cancer as a Kid

When I was in year 6, age 11, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember not knowing what it really was but that it was bad and my parents were really scared and sad. 

We lived in Albany, about 5 hours away from Perth. Mum had to stay in Perth for her treatment and it felt like she was gone forever. What I remember from that time was Dad making us a lot of weird lunches for school (vegemite and broad beans Dad, really?!), my teacher who knew my Mum saying I didn't have to worry about doing my homework, and nabbing my Mums clothes to sleep with at night because I missed her presence and her smell. 

When Mum came back I remembered thinking "thank gosh Mum's home, everything can go back to normal now!". And it did in some ways, and it didn't in others. It's always a big lesson learning that your parents and loved ones aren't invincible like you wish they were. 

It's a strange thing to reflect on as an adult. If it all happened now it'd be a totally different experience because I'd actually understand how serious it all was. I'm grateful to my parents and family for being gentle  with the balance of information they gave us. Enough so that we had perspective and knew not nag about wanting new surf shop clothes and sleepovers, but also with enough innocence so that we weren't scared to the bone. 

Mums diagnosis was one of my first interactions with cancer, but it sadly feels like one of a million now. I love hearing about organisations like Canteen who support kids and young people through cancer. Whether their own diagnosis or that of  someone they know. I can't imagine how confusing having cancer as a child is when I was confused enough when it was happening to the adults around me. Our family didn't receive any support from Canteen but I wish we had. Regional access to services like this is always hard, which is why the online support that Canteen are trying to build with this fundraising could bridge that gap of reach. 

So on May the 31st I run for 11 year old me, for my boss survivor Mum, for all the other young people affected by cancer, and for all people in general really because I think we are all sick of this darn disease. 


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Teresa Fitzpatrick

Well done Jordina. ?


Shelley Coad

Love Aunty Shelley X


Alyssa Shapland

You're amazing. I'm so proud of you!


Susan Theseira

Enjoy the run! Good on ya, Jordi ❤️


Andy Loo

Always proud of how good you're getting at running away from your problems! Crush em boo!


Karen Quain

That’s a great goal Jordina and all the best recovery for the beautiful teenagers being challenged with cancer.


Rohan And Ash

Run jordi run!




Molly & Jess Earnshaw

You’re the best! Go go Jordi! Love from Jess & Molly


Jordina Quain


Casey Hooper

My girl ??


Andy Pandy


Ruth Speldewinde

Well done For supporting this important cause Jordi.



You're amazing Jords! ?


Kelsey Singleton

Inspirational ???


Ashleigh Minson


Karri Macdonald

You go Glen Coco!!!!


Stef Wust

Go smash it jords! Proud of you x


Brittany Manifis

Always so inspired by you, babe! &lt;3


Jess Bh

Proud of you x


Jenn & Sam

You’re crushing it!!

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