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1 week for 2ft of hair!

Hi all, I’ve decided not to drag on and annoy everyone for a few months, instead we’re doing one week (Monday 21st November - Monday 28th November) of fundraising, with a big chop of roughly 2ft of hair at the end! 

Funds raised go directly to Canteen, via their system (no one else will have any access to funds raised), to support kids and teens impacted by the trauma of cancer. 

Canteen was something one of the most important people in my life so far was a part of and involved in as a young adult, before he was called home by God. His family support Canteen and I know he would still be supporting them and other young people fighting this battle if he could, which is why I chose this cause. 

I also have watched more recently a family member, and over my life watched from the outside as various others, battle cancer and the invasive, exhausting, awful effects from treatment on the patient and family, so cannot think of a better cause to support this Christmas. 

Hair cut next week will also be donated, to Ella Wigmakers, who make ethical wigs for Australian children with donated Australian hair, and are endorsed by Canteen. 

Even the cost of a coffee on the way to work will be a beautiful gift and make a difference in the lives of families going through things no one should have to suffer.

Thank you for the support! 

Jaimie x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Harper Mia


Kim Duda

Well done Jaimie … very proud of you xx


Scott Richards

Well done Jamimie, what a great thing to do for a awesome reason ❤️


Christine Coombs

All the best, will be sad to see your beautiful hair go but you will always look amazing. Good job girl xx




Lauren Toone


Karen Rauter

Woo hoo! This is such a fabulous cause. I know how much your hair means to you so well done!


Jess Mills

I am so proud of you for always giving & admire your strength & courage to donate something that means so much to you. It will be a life changing gift for another Australian 💖 Love you!


Kelsey Cairns


Lacey Burns



You are a ⭐️




Phoebe Obrien


Leonie Croucher

Cant wait to see the transformation. So proud of you darling girl xxx



You’re incredible beautiful woman! You’re giving heart never ceases to amaze me.


Shayne Miller


Jacquelyn Ellis



Don't cut too much or we won't look related anymore 🤣😂


Daisy And Flos Cox


Brooke Hayter

Awesome cause! Great idea!


Kath Cook

You are amazing 👏

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