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I am standing with Canteen

I am Raising It to help ensure young Aussies impacted by cancer still receive the support they need during this strange and isolating time. Canteen supports young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling. My family and I have recently said goodbye to our Nonna. It was an unyielding year for Nonna (although there were lots of memorable and funny times had) living with the effects of cancer and post surgery care. A demoralising enigma attaching itself to a strong and independent woman of 90 years, who continued to live her best life. My Aunty Marina said goodbye to us in 2014, it was her 2nd time fighting and she gave it a good hard crack! The enigma fights on but we've been blessed with Angels :)
I’ve never had to make a choice or not been given one, to be bald (the first two years of life don’t count). I am grateful for my choice to be temporary. I feel enormous gratitude to those fighting, who’s strength beams through and circumstances in life that are a guiding light for others to learn, understand and grow love. 

It would be ace if you could help me help Canteen. There are cr*p ways to spend your money, this ain’t one of them! The “Donate” button - its easy as - click on it. I am completely understanding of the circumstances people are in financially at this present time and always. The more people that know about Canteen, the greater the impact. Spread the word! 

I extend my gratitude in advance for your generosity and love! xx 


Thank you to my Sponsors


Denise Perry

A great organisation to choose.


Di Robinson

Emma what a wonderful thing to do. The words in your message are very moving. Love Di x


Peter Green

Well done Emma You are an amazing young lady a lot of people would not be brave enough to do what you have done Well done Peter & Wendy


Stephanie Manganaris

This is incredible Em! xxx


Sue Alessuo



Penny Sewart



Jessica Dickson

You are a ray of sunshine xxx


Sue Pozzati

Love u Em 💓💓 Good on you , you look awesome


Matty Moss

Awesome Chooka.... Xxx


Nicole Alessio

inspirational babe 😘


Celeste Battisti

You went for it! Shaved your hair! For such a bigger cause than your own image. well done sister!! Xox


Aidan Bateman


Emma Moss


Kylie Alessio

Well done, good on ya!!!



You make me smile. Well done beautiful 💜




Jewel Finnigan

So proud of you. Your amazing woman! Xx


Megan Baxter

You’re so amazing beautiful girl! Keep smashing goals! Love always and forever Megan, Daniel & Ivy xoxoxo


Emily Wright

So proud of you beautiful girl xxx


Monique Finnigan

Beautifull words from a beautiful lady, inside and out! Xo


Tori Brown

Love ya lots xx


Jess Magner

You rock my socks. Beautiful beautiful work.





Connor Pozzati

You’re a one of a kind doing an amazing thing my love! xx



Love ya babe :)




Brylee Eadie

With love 💕



Looking gorgeous Emma! Xx


Vicky Manganaris

This is brilliant Emma! Good on you xx


Feline Elie

Em, what a story. Wahhh you're absolutely amazing


Josh Denniss

You have a big heart, I love ya


Jack Standaar






This is a great cause! Happy to support you x


Emily Dubois

So proud of you x


Mick Pedder

You're bloody awesome!

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