Locks of Love

By Deidre Bakke

I'm being brave for CanTeen

Meet Amira 

She is 11yrs old, loves Harry Potter,Footy and her friends.

Amira knows how rough Cancer is. It’s touched her family a few too many times. About 6 months ago it came to her attention that you could donate your hair to children suffering hair loss so an obsession began.

You see Amira has amazingly long,beautiful healthy hair. Never having any big haircuts she has worn it as a security blanket since age 4yrs. A long time patient of PMH (Children’s Hospital), she has suffeted severe Exzema since she a baby. This lead to repeated infections and angry red patches from head to toe. She felt she looked different. Her hair has always made her feel special and beautiful. It’s been her favourite thing about herself.

Now Amira is hoping that her hair can make someone else feel special and beautiful.

Someone who needs it more than she does. Amira is more determined than ever to bring a smile to the face of someone in need and in the process collect as many donations through Sponser ship helping young people access treatment and support they need to kick Cancer in the Butt. She knows there is children out there that may not have Cancer but they are affected by Cancer within the family which is very traumatic

So please join her OPEN UP YOUR HEARTS and get behind Amira and Canteen where these donations will go as she prepares for the BIG CHOP. 

Her hair will be donated to Variety.

Amira is very grateful for whatever you are able to give.

She has set a total of $1 000 but it would be great to kick that total out of the ball park.

Follow her steps as we post them.

                   LOVE FROM AMIRA ??

Thank you to my Supporters




Tonia (nanny)

You've been through so much in your little life and to see you making such a selfless sacrifice, makes me so unbelievably proud and inspired. I love you always x


Deidre Bakke

Very proud of you Amira you are amazing


Sean Brierly


Skywalker Clan

You should be so happy to have inspired people to donate to this cause. So proud of you, beautiful souled girl xxx


James Varkonyi


Staff Of Tssu Royal Perth Hospital

what a beautiful thing to do for young people in need. You are a very caring young Lady Amira. Well done.



An amazing thing your doing Amira!


Yvonne Copple

Amira I think it’s wonderful what you are are doing. You are very brave and very very thoughtful and caring young lady. Love Yvonne


Lawrie And Sam Smith

We are very proud of you Amira. You are such a beautiful, caring young lady 🥰


Emily Asanoski

Your doing an amazing thing donating your hair and your so brave . We love you 💕💕💕


Donna And Scott Bishop

Amira you're doing such an amazingly generous thing - Well Done xx



Very proud of you chicken xx


Ruby And Alice Edwards

This is amazing Amira. You are truly beautiful and we are very proud of you.


Kath Merlo


Mark & Robyn Fairclough

Well done Amira! You're such a brave and beautiful girl. Love Aunty Rob & Uncle Mark x


Tracy & Stephen

So proud of you Amira, what a beautiful, thoughtful, caring girl you are. Xoxo


Kitty Manasseh


Justine Kennedy

So inspirational Amira!


Graeme Burton

Good on you Deidre. It is a great cause!


Turley Family

Good on you Amira! You are amazing.


East Family

Amazing Amira!! What an amazing thing you are doing 👍


Craig Anderson


Jill Anderson (nanna)

So very very proud of you Amira. xx


Oakley Family


Jovich Family

What a great cause, well done, you're a great role model for other kids!


Linda Smallwood

Well done Amira 😀


Tiya Fergusson


Donna Bruce

What a gorgeous gift & support your giving to make someone else’s day so much brighter 😊


Jacob Adesina


Sarah Campbell

Be brave and LET IT GOOOOO junior cousin 😊


Bert Manasseh (poppy)


Tammy Hall


Nicole Wind


Abiba Menanti

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