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Life Cycle for Canteen OnRoad 2021

Lockdown Laps for Life Cycle

Today was Day 1 of Perth's emergency lockdown in response to our first COVID-19 case in the community in 10 months. Jennifer and I are planning to got for bike rides each morning to train and raise funds for the Life Cycle for Canteen Australia OnRoad 2021 300km ride over 3 days from Bassendeen to Busselton in early March.

We are riding "Lockdown Laps for Life Cycle" 4 figure 8 loops of 5.5km around the suburb. So by the end of the week we will have completed 20 laps (approx. 110km).

More Info:

FYI: One hour of masked outdoor exercise within 5km of home for 2 people is allowed under the lockdown rules.

I'm riding to support young people with cancer.

Hi there,

I’m riding in the 2021 Life Cycle for Canteen OnRoad event this year to support young people when cancer crashes into their world.

Canteen is the game changer. Canteen supports young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling.They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with others in the same boat.

Please help me help them, by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about Canteen, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Matthew Theng

Hi David, I hope for a speedy recovery and for your team to do well! Kind regards Matthew Theng


Rob And Mandy

Good on you! Enjoy and good luck. xx


Matthew Arp


David Musgrave


Jim Harris


Nancy Edwards

Good luck David! I'm supporting you with gratitude for all the support you have given GPUG over the years. Your gift of service in all areas is much appreciated


Donna, Barry And Natalie Hatton

Good luck David and Jennifer. Stay safe


Dawn Prigmore

I love that you do this and I am thankful that you allow us to come alongside you to support this cause! You will have my prayers, as always.


Molly Fuchsel

Thank you for your efforts and commitment to a great cause David!


Barbara Gavron

Dave - you have always been selfless in providing support to others and I admire that in you. Thank you to both you and Jennifer. I say we start a new group called GPUG - Great People Unselfishly Giving.


Auriol Heary


Sheila J Jefferson-ross

Thanks for giving of your time for a great cause. :)




Deanne Rasmussen


Sean Yildirim

Go David!


Colleen Goold

Hugz 🏇🏻xx

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