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Life Cycle for Canteen OnRoad 2022

Why is Life Cycle Important to CanTeen ?

Why is Life Cycle Important to CanTeen?

“Life Cycle is Canteen’s biggest community fundraiser and over the past 23 years has raised over 2 million dollars for CanTeen! CanTeen is incredibly grateful for the funds and awareness which Life Cycle has raised. These funds raised by Life Cycle have been vital to ensure that we can continue to run our programs and provide a much needed service for young people living with cancer in Australia.

We value Life Cycle because it’s a fantastic community event which brings everyone together to make sure that no young person faces cancer alone.

The funds raised by Life Cycle have provided 20,000 young people with the chance to attend a program where they can meet other young people in the same boat.

Life Cycle also provides the opportunity for a group of members to participate in the first half of the ride each year. This gives the Members a chance to develop their public speaking skills by sharing their personal cancer story with the supporters.

Life Cycle epitomises the best of a community fundraising event and without Life Cycle we wouldn’t be able to support as many young people!

Thank you from all the staff and members at Canteen”

From Jenny @ Lifecycle

What a stunning milestone! You have all been outstanding this year.


I can safely announce that we will donate at least $220,000 to Canteen this year.

What is even more exciting is that this brings our total since 1998 to just over $2,500,000 – that is ¼ million dollars.


2015 – 1 million dollar year

2019 -  2 million dollar year

2022 -  2.5 million dollar year


Congratulations to everyone involved

Remember you can still support LifeCycle

The ride may be done , but you can still support through a donation  

Please see the email received from Ash Rosendale who is the state Coordinator for CanTeen Australia

It was fantastic meeting you all and getting a chance to share a little more about Canteen. It really is a community feel at this event, with the whole team coming together to encourage each other through some hard kms. Of course, there were a few mishaps including some broken wheels and the first use of the ambulance service (thankfully only for use of a bandaid) but you all pushed on and rallied together, we’d expect no less!

Ride was very good and more insight and discussions on CanTeen

Looks like the group will surpass lasts years efforts which is great


It costs $90 per session for youth counsellors to help and guide those who use the services of CanTeen

Last year in WA 1500 sessions were conducted . Effectively the efforts of Lifecyle for CanTeen funds this solely from your efforts with about 20k left over for online seminars .

This is showing true results of Lifecycle

On behalf of our team at Canteen and our young people I’d like to extend a big THANK YOU for all your incredible effort both cycling and through fundraising. 

Collectively you smashed last year's fundraising total of $177,000 and it's still rising! The impact this will have with not only the young people using our services but also their families is immeasurable, and we know they’re as grateful as we are.  


Cheers From David 

Another great ride

369.04 km completed . Another great ride with 133 other like minded cyclists  
More great inspirational stories .
Whilst the ride is done, the cause is not so please continue to follow my efforts and that of Lifecycle 
Watch out for the Off Road details as we hit the trails in October 
Cheers David  

Here we go

Thanks to all who are following . 

Last road training ride

A warm final training ride with Ian Sutton and Dave Rutherford this morning . Smoothies went down well . Catch the updates as we head out this Saturday . Weather looking good 

1 Week to go

1 week to go and last preparation .
Roll on next Saturday 

Another good practice ride

A great morning to get out for a practice loop . Rode with Ian Sutton who is also on the Lifecycle Ride.  Gotta love Perth in the mornings 

A little over two weeks to go

Two more weeks of training . Warm days still ahead 

4 Weeks to go

4 weeks to go . Big thanks to all the supporters so far who have donated to the support of CanTeen though Life Cycle 

Thanks to Supporters Bike Force Ellenbrook

Mark at Bike Force Ellenbrook has been a long time supporter of many events in the community and ensures my bikes are always serviced and ready to ride . 
If you are in the area please give BFE a visit .
Ph 9297 4785

Thanks to Supporters Fieldwork Health.

As we start 2022 a big thanks to the team at Fieldwork Health. Keeping me on track with my body .
If you need an expert physio appraisal ,rehabilitation or remedial massage give the team a call
6468 6825

Safe Christmas and New Year

Nearly at the end of 2021 . Aiming for 7500 km training for the year do on track at the moment . Look out for more posts into 2022. Regards David 

Nearly New Year

Christmas is coming and then the countdown to 2022 starts . Training going well 

Finished Off Road

Finished my first Off Road .
A great event . Plenty of laughs and a great crew of riders and supporters .
The video link from the CanTeen ambassadors was both moving and good to see 
Cheers David 

Bandanna Day

29th October is Bandanna Day .
We have Bandannas for sale. 
Please support and grab one 

Proud to be on board for another year

Registered for 2022 and looking forward to another year .
Training is already in full swing as i am also preparing for the Off Road this October 

My 4th year riding to support young people with cancer

Hi there,

I’m riding in the 2022 Life Cycle for Canteen OnRoad event this year to support young people when cancer crashes into their world.

Canteen is the game changer. Canteen supports young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling.They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with others in the same boat.

Please help me help them, by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about Canteen, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors




Recycle For Lifecycle


Paul Boulden

Great cause and good luck David!


Barbara Newbey

Good Luck with your fund raising - am sure you will reach your goal.


Merica Pavlovic

Go for it D, I'll be cheering you on all the way !


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Recycle For Lifecycle


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Recycle For Lifecycle




Clare Dellar

Supporting you again with a cold beer at the end of the ride


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Staff At Emu


Recycle For Lifecycle


Recycle For Lifecycle


Recycle For Lifecycle


Louisa Tennant


Recycle For Lifecyxle


Jamie Bekkers



Looking forward to supporting this great cause for a 4th year


Goodsense Cycling

Hi David, A little support from GoodSense Cycling , you are a great Ellenbrook rider, riding for a great cause and it makes GoodSense to support it . We should catch up for a ride ! Cheers Jean


Hayley Whitaker

Best of luck Dave for your ride and raising $$ for a great cause


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Recycle For Lifecyxle

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