Craig Hutchens

Road Raise 2021

Why do it ?

After losing our 2 year old daughter Henley to brain cancer 5 years ago my wife and I know how important support is in dealing with cancer. Ainslie and I decided that we would like to help others so fundraising has been something that we have taken on together, her the brains and I’m the Braun. So any donations are a help to Canteen and supporting young people dealing with Cancer

Help me to support young people living with cancer!

Hi There,

In April 2020 I am committed to make a difference in supporting young people when cancer crashes into their world.

CanTeen is the game changer - They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with their peers in similar situations.

After a pause due to COVID-19, Road Raise 2021 will see 35 like-minded individuals with a love of cycling, a sense of community and a desire to push their physical boundaries tour some of the most picturesque scenery South Australia has to offer in a bid to raise over $200,000!

The challenge - 1000 kilometres AND a total climbing elevation over 11,800 metres (the equivalent of riding over Mt Everest AND Mt Kosciuszko).

Please help me to reach my goal and together we can be the difference in their lives.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Fedex Australia - Sa

Well done from the team here!


Danny Leverink

Good luck Craig


Paul Mesecke

Happy Birthday Legend. By the way, great work raising money for the kids. I love the work you do. 👍


Kristen & Michael Clifford

Happy Birthday!!


Ryan Smith

Great work Skip! Happy 50th!! Look forward to riding with you again!


Gavin & Jules

Looking forward to riding another Grand Tour with you mate. ...and Happy Birthday!!


Tanya Bertelsmeier


Travis & Hayley Parker

Fantastic Ride mate, well done



Happy big birthday young man! ;-) All the best for your ride and for hitting your goal!


Sandra O'donnell

Amazing work Craig!


Peter Klar


David Chase


Carmen Bishop

As always, amazing effort and a precious reason to do so


Paul Bannon


Kylie And Jonas Grocock

Fantastic!!! Happy 50th Craig from Jonas and Kylie


Steve Coulls

You're both legends mate, keep up the good work!


Sue And Tim Hochuli

Happy 50th and happy riding 💚😁 xx


Brandon Fry

Happy 50th Hutchy. The world needs more people like you. Ride On mate 💪


Tim And Amy

Congratulations for your 50th, and have a great time on the road!


Kym Ringshaw (clothier)

All the best Craig... enjoy the ride and amazing memories that come with it. X


Ryan How

Nice work buddy.


Craig Hutchens

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