Raise It

I am standing up to cancer with Canteen

I am calling on my friends and family to help me raise $1000 for teens and families currently battling cancer across Australia. Ensuring that young Aussies impacted by cancer still receive the support they need during this difficult and isolating time.

Canteen supports young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling.

I will be donating myself as well as shaving my head if when the target is hit (If we can get in within 3 weeks then I will go clean shaven).

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Marcia & Jock Campbell

Great work Clay! We are proud of you and your efforts. Love, Nan & Pop


Daniel Cavallaro

You can reach the goal my friend. Here take this with you on your quest... +$109


Monica Castro

so proud 🤍🤍


Brock Stevens

To my beautiful clay, hope to see your head shiny by the end of this hopefully 😘


Clay Campbell


Remi Campbell

So proud of you 🤍


Brandon G

Proud of your work clay 😍❤️


Tahnesha Smith



So proud of you Clay ❤️



Good work Clayboy 🐎


Steve Bax

Fantastic cause Clay. . . And with the lopping of your locks you could be as good looking as Pam's brother. 🤣


Kathy & Greg Bruton

Well done Clay!! Looks awesome. Xx



You're sexy


Michael & Narelle

Congratulations. Fantastic effort. ❤️❤️


Michelle, Jason, Ella & Jacko Sands

Congratulations on your selflessness Clay, I hope you raise far more than the goal you set. Remember the sunscreen for your head in few weeks!


Mon Humphrey

Awesome work Clay! So proud of you:)


Ethan Higgs


Rosie Hull

Good man 🤠


Tim Dutton-ashcroft

Dearest Clay, Bless your soul and the ground you walk on you beautiful baby boy! May the felling of your luscious locks and the accompanying donations go toward the betterment of the lives of those affected by cancer, whether it be themselves or their loved ones. good man 🤠 Lots of love Tim xo


Clay’s Mum

👏👏👏 good work Clayboy


Kaleb Marriott

Can’t wait for Schmuel v2


Hayden Richards

Good on ya bud, I shoulda done the same when I had my locks. 🤙


Chloe Rodgers

You got dis


Renae Edwards


Toby Cesarello

Proud of you Jared Leto


Kayne Burrell

Now take on this

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