2024 Life Cycle for Canteen OnRoad

Riding to give back to a cause that had given so much to me.

As a former Canteen member I have experienced first hand the difference that they bring to youths who are dealing with their own cancer experiences. 

Canteen provides support for not only people going through cancer but for sons/daughters/siblings as well.

Cancer can strike people in many different ways and having a safe environment to deal with the different stresses is what Canteen provides. With a range of different services tailored to young people myself and many others have sought out ways of coping and understanding what exactly is going on. They provide counselling, online support and varied social events which allow for a structured healing process. 

I am riding in Lifecycle to give back to a cause that helped me when I was going through my own trials.

I hope that you will help me achieve (and hopefully exceed) my donation goal. 

Many thanks for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Uncle Adrian




Jo Barratt

So happy that you’re cycling in this event,


Paul Greenwell

Proud of you CJ


Flick Dear

Enjoy your ride. ❤️



All the best Chris. May the wind be behind your back!

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