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My Activity Tracking


My target 350000 Steps

Half way Through July

Hi Everyone. 

It has been a while. Last week I gave myself a challenge to get 100,000 steps. Although it was looking promising I only hit 85,000. The weekend gets me every time. I am going to challenge myself this week to get more than 85,000 and up it to 90,000 - less than 1000 steps extra a day. Lets see how I go! 
I have been doing lots of hikes to get my steps up and they are soothing to the soul <3

Every $tep counts. 
Much love,
Bec. Xo


Hi Everyone!

I have reached two really big milestones.  

This week has been a bit more of a struggle with motivation levels down and discipline not going great. However I am still well on track to get my goal of 200,000 steps in four weeks. 

I have also recently received a donation that got me over half way towards my goal.  

So... I am going to up my goals to challenge myself to stay on track and go for the rest of July to help support Karrie with her dry July also. 

Every $tep counts.  
Bec xo

Virtual Hike

Did not quite make my whole hike yesterday but still got over 10,000 steps. Left the best part of the hike for today. Left it in the gallery :) 

Every $tep counts. 

Mid Week Movin It Check In

After a slow start to the week and learning that I can walk around the house for a couple of hours and get my steps up, I am absolutely smashing my goals. The tracker is still a bit off - this week I have already done 47,000 steps (does not show). Wednesday I learnt that 3 gym classes is definitely not the way to go. All in all, doing great and about to hit my 50,000 for this week already.

Movin it Monday Update

Happy Monday everyone! 

I got my tracking working! 
Yesterday I absolutely smashed my daily goal. A big shout out to Sam Dyer for showing me that walking to the shops and browsing around and walking back can get you moving without even knowing it.

I will slow down on the blogs and make them twice a week from now.  
This week is going to be a struggle as I'm not feeling the best. However I am not doing this for me and so will be putting that aside for those in need. 

Every $tep counts. 
Much love xo 

Tracking problems

Happy Saturday everyone

Hope the weekend is treating you well. 

I have been having trouble tracking my steps so i swear I have done more than zero ?. 

I did my first 'new body' class today focusing on step, aerobic cardio and strength/toning, my first couple of experiences with choreographed classes and loving it. I never thought I would and never tried. 
Hopefully you can see my progress soon once tracking is all sorted. 

Every $tep counts. ??

First day down


1st day down. Rough day today. Not as many steps as I would have liked but a great start. ?


Hi everybody, 

I have decided to choose a charity to help during this tough time.  

After putting on some kgs, follow my step journey and donate in the process to help out canteen who help young Australians with cancer. An especially testing time at the moment for everyone. Every little bit counts. 

Close to the heart, great cause

I am Moving It to ensure Aussies impacted by cancer still receive the support they need during this difficult and isolating time. I will update everyday with photos and progress. 

Canteen supports young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling.

Canteen is relying on Canteen Connect the online platform for counseling and peer to peer support during this even more challenging time in a young persons world. Now more than ever they need the support of Canteen. 

Please help me help them, by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about Canteen, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Go well Bec - great cause / keep on moving




David Wells

Keep going you are doing an awsome job.


Jess Vaughan

You got this! Good on you for supporting such a worthy cause :)


Louisa Faccin

Great progress - well done ! xo


Lorna Harper

Keep up the good work



What a great cause, well done and happy to help. Hurts less than cardio classes!!


Micky Squishy Pickles Shmoo

Good job. Keep going


Kevin Bateman

Great work Bec.


Angela Mudri

Best of luck Bec xx




Bev Wells

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