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I am standing up to cancer with Canteen.

Hi, my name is Aqualina and I am helping to raise awareness for children and adolescents with cancer. I have decided to do this as I strongly want to help others around me. My aunt sadly passed away due to cancer over a decade ago, and I have had friends who also lost family members due to cancer. At school, in a voyager program, we were looking at how to help out in the community and the importance of philanthropy (love of human kind); this is one way where I can do something to help those who are going through a difficult time in their life.

More than 1000 children as well as adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year, in Australia. Approximately half (48%) of all children diagnosed with cancer are aged 0-4, in Australia. I will be doing a walk everyday for 30 days to help raise funds for Canteen Australia. 

Please join me, spread the word with your friends and family, donate whatever you can and let’s ‘Move It’. Walk, run, hop, skip, jump, dance, cycle, swim or climb. As long as you are ‘Moving It’, anything can make a change. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Frank Krause

Well done Aqualina, I hope you achieve your goals for this great cause.


Wajde Assaf

Well done, bless you


Zena Assaf

Well done Aqua I'm so proud of you


Elizabeth Ibrahim

Well done Aqualina



Well done, Aqualina!


Talia Brand



Sabah Assaf

So proud of u gorgeous 🥰it means more than u and Aunty Fairouz be so proud of u too


Elias Daaboul



Good on you . Go girl


Hannan Assaf

Proud of you


Rron Govori




Grace Assaf

Good on you Aqua



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