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We did it!!!

24 hours on a spin bike, riding over 300km, to raise money and awareness for young people and their families impacted by cancer. 

A huge THANK YOU to all the generous people that donated to Canteen before, during and after the 24 hours. You're all amazing and so far have helped raise over $4,700. If you didn't get the chance, it's still not too late to donate and help us hit $5,000 ; link is in the comments. 

Thanks also to the support crew & everyone that provided moral support throughout the 24 hours at silly hours, and across the globe!

We couldn't have done it without you - you're all LEGENDS!

And now, we rest...

11 Hours In

Thanks so much to those that have donated today! It's really awesome! ????11 

11 hours in 13 to go! 

Entering the night shift..

If you'd like to donate, the page is here

Thank you!!

Facebook live here if you want to like or share too https://www.facebook.com/108053310926157/

3 Hours to Go until we start!!

Thanks so much to all the people that have sponsored me so far - you are all legends!

I have no idea how this is going to go, as there aren't many people who've done it before, so let's see how we go....

Getting setup to Facebook Livestream so if you jump on the page and say hi that would be awesome. 

Thanks for helping raise some money & awareness for those young people and their families  impacted by cancer....

24 Hours to Go!

Thanks to everyone that's jumped on board so far to support the 24 Hour Indoor Bikeathon!

There's only 24 hours to go before it kicks off tomorrow morning. 

We'll be Livestreaming on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/108053310926157/live/ so feel free to drop by and leave a comment to support the team! 

A Close Shave!

I'm very pleased to announce that Maxwell is going to be shaving his head for Canteen on Friday! 

It's his way of being part of the 24 hour indoor bikeathon team, and as many will know he is used to fundraising through his many charity bike rides. 

This time he's going to show his support by shaving his head at 9:30am on Friday to kick the event off, to help young people and families going through cancer.

or jump over through our team page and click on his profile. 

Thanks Maxwell! We really appreciate your support!!!

Getting closer !

There's less than a month to go until the 24 hour spin bike challenge!

Thanks to those that have already donated - you're all legends! 

If you want to donate, let's help these young people together - it's easy,  and will make a big difference.

Here's a new little 15 second vid that tells you what's going on:

Thanks for your support!

Do you own a spin bike? Ride for an hour an be part of the Bikeathon!!


If you have a spin bike, and would like to help raise money for Canteen's young people and families impacted by cancer, now's your chance!

I'm riding for 24 hours at the end of May and I need your help if you're a rider with a spin bike. Here's how you can help:

1. Donate $200 or more to this page OR create your own fundraising page to get others to support you to raise the $200 (www.raiseit.org.au/move-it) .

2. Book a 1 hour slot that suits you here: https://calendly.com/24hour/

3. Ride for an hour with me on May 29 and be part of the 24 hour bikeathon!

Thank You! 

**** Simon's 24 Hour Indoor Bikeathon *****

Young people with Cancer need our help!

Soon I'll be cycling on a spin bike in my garage for 24 hours to raise money for Canteen.

I'd love your support to help me raise money for Canteen's  ' Move it ' challenge to help young people and their families impacted by cancer. 

They've been in isolation long before COVID-19 and are even more isolated now. They are also more at risk when they have to go to hospital for treatment, and have heightened distress levels which compounds the challenge.

We can help improve this situation which is why I'm raising money for Canteen, and aiming to cycle for 24 hours on a spin bike.

Please donate whatever you can, and if you can't support financially please share this page to help raise awareness - why not setup a challenge of your own? 

Thanks in advance, from our young people impacted by cancer. We can do this together!!

24 Hour Spin Cycle Challenge!

Next month l I will be cycling on a spin bike non-stop for 24 hours, and I need your help!

Young people with Cancer were isolated before COVID-19 and they're even more isolated now. They're also at more risk when they need to leave the house for treatment. 

Distress compounds the issue, especially for those with lower immunity, so Canteen's online service - Canteen Connect - is more important now than ever before. 

Canteen needs to raise $150,000 to make sure Canteen Connect is supported with counsellors and can cater for the increase in demand.  

Please help me help by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. 

The more people that know about Canteen, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


John Friedsam

Great Job - Max for your headshave and your dad and Hannah 24 hour cycling marathon! This is an incredibly hard and daring physical challenge - you've got this


Jo Evans

Great challenge and well done ...


Fiona Mcdonald

Fantastic effort Simon!! So impresive.


Trevor Cooke

Excellent effort. My legs are aching for you. Nice relaxing weekend on the cards I believe. Well done. Trevor.


Richard Davie


Skin N Blis

just love xx




Kerry Kalcher

What a phenomenal effort Simon - can't believe you kept a smile on your face throughout the 24 hours!


Nadine Hardy

You are incredible! Well done mate!


Ciaran Norris

You should be proud. Great work.




Simon Davie


Felicia Welstead

What an inspirational leader you are Simon. Do what you can and please don't injure yourself!!


Jacqui Hardy

Great work Simon, hope the family keep you entertained!


Brendan Bermingham

Great work Simon, always on the front foot making the world a better place


Gareth Whitby

Great job Simon!! Been following your online activity! You’re a hero. Take care of your legs after it’s done and have a nice hot bath. Come visit us soon!! We’re still waiting!!


Joel Taylor

Simon, you are a mad man for even attempting this however I have faith you will crush it! Amazing stuff!



Good luck mate - and speaking from experience don’t forget the chamois cream :)


Laura Davie Rush

Spinner Winner! Nice one bro xx



you're a legend


Sarah, Tony, Hannah & Amy

Good Luck Simon - don't fall off :-) (as if you would!)


Rob Davie

Keep going and well done mate!!


Renee Hawira


Kim Reynolds

Congrats Simon. Good job


The Oneils

Good luck Si! We believe in you!!


Cara Finneran

Wow… Simon you are a legend! Such an incredible achievement!! Amazing effort too Max!


Chris Gleisner

Well done Simon! You two are amazing!! You're awesome!!!


Rebecca Pugh


Lucy Ashdown

Hi - Great cause! Well done and keep going :)


Cath Phibben

Great work!!!


Nikki James

Wow, what a legend you are Simon ??? The world definitely needs more people like you guys!!! Keep going and if you find yourself struggling, keep thinking of the end goal and the difference its gona make to such deserving kids ? You've set yourselves a hard task guys but we all know you can do it! ? Keep strong ? and remember the end goal ??????



Well done you!


Georgie Smith

Great work SImon - all the best for the big cycle!


Richard Sanger

Just when I thought you couldn’t be more likeable, you go and pull a stunt like this!! Hope the legs have recovered. Amazing effort xx


Little Family

Good luck Simon. Love the Littles


Kerry Kalcher

Great effort Simon!


Robin Payne

Gd luck Simon. A great cause.



Good luck Simon! I'll be thinking of you :):)


Francesca Meliton

You can do it!


Rob And Gina Honeysett


Meradyth Jones

Wishing you the best of luck! We know you will do everyone proud!


Sanae Mcgregor-macdonald

Go Simon! Have a fun


Cindy Fastiggi

Well done Simon


Georgie Kershaw

Amazing!!! You can do it!!


Jo Broughton



Love your work Simon!


Vickie Hinton

Go Simon!!!


James Penfold

Good luck buddy x


Ingrid Maack

Keep going!!!


Sofie Kokalevski

Always inspirational - all the best Simon!


Helena Agaibi

Good luck Simon! So brave! So inspirational! ??


Judith Williams

Good luck, Go for it.xx


Louise & Cian

Good luck Simon


Jordy Mcintyre


Lea Davie

Go dad! You are amazing! Hope it goes well!


Zara Davie

I’m proud of you dad and I hope it goes well xo


Max Davie

Dad I’m really proud of you in this challenge! Hope it goes well xo

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