Dry July 2023

Support Canteen in the 2023 Dry July campaign!

Dry July is a fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol-free in July to raise funds for young people impacted by cancer.



Meet our Youth Ambassador for Dry July, Josh, who was born in Sydney in 2002. 18 months after his birth, his mum noticed his glands were swollen. Concerned, she visited a doctor, who noted his liver was possibly enlarged. Josh’s mother was told his symptoms could be harmless, but the doctor informed her she could choose to visit a paediatrician if she wanted to. His parents made the life-altering decision to investigate further. The following blur of ultrasounds and tests awakened their nightmare.

Just a toddler, Josh was diagnosed with liver cancer. Scans revealed the tumor to be severe, but it didn’t appear to have spread to other organs in his body. His doctors were hopeful that surgery and chemotherapy could save his life, but Josh’s parents and siblings were forced to reckon with the possibility of his death.

Grueling months of treatment kept Josh alive, but left him frail. A third of his liver was removed. He was declared in remission six months after his diagnosis, but the potent medicine that destroyed the cancer also strained his body. The resulting long-term health effects surfaced later on, which he still deals with today. 

Due to Josh's cancer treatment, he has on occasion abstained from drinking alcohol as this could have future impacts on his liver. 

Join Josh, and 'Go Dry, this July' to show your support for those impacted by cancer.