Welcome to our FAQ page!

Here you will find popular questions on our July Challenge.

General Challenge questions

What is the Challenge?

Many of us love dogs and they are a great incentive to get outdoors, which is why we have created the 100km dog walk in July Challenge! By walking your dog every day for a month, you will help Canteen provide support services to young people facing cancer.

What is a Facebook fundraiser? 

A fundraising page hosted by Facebook that connects to your personal profile – making it easy for you to share your progress with Facebook friends and get donations. 

How do I walk 100km? Do I have to do a certain number of kms per day?  

Not necessarily! We recommend working out your own plan to fit around your life in July. You may wish to do more on some days, and less on others. Pump out at least 3km a day to get to 100km by the end of July or spread out the kms however you like. 

I have a senior dog/my dog can’t walk much? 

That’s ok! We understand some dogs can’t walk long distances and might need a day off (or shorter walks). We hope you and your pup will complete as much as you can manage. The Challenge is less about the kms and more about trying something new and raising awareness for Canteen. This is your Challenge so only do what works for you both.

Can I start the Challenge early or late? 

Of course! We would love to have you with us at any point! We hope most people can start on the 1st of July, but you can of course start a few days earlier or later if it works better for you and your schedule.

I'm new to exercise, can I still take part?

Of course, but your health is priority and we suggest you speak to a medical or healthcare professional before undertaking any new type of physical activity. 

How do I track my kms?

You can use an app on your phone or a fitness tracking watch. People will be sharing the apps and tracking systems which they use on the Facebook Group.

We have sent you a daily chart so you can check off each day you walk with your dog. 

What do I do if I get Covid through the challenge?

We encourage you to adhere to your state guidelines on isolation and to stay inside where possible. You can always find creative ways to complete your kms without going outside, like doing laps of the backyard. You can also get a friend to walk your dog on your behalf or make up the kms later. Don’t worry if you need to skip a few days – we hope you take care of yourself.

Do I need to provide evidence that I have completed the challenge? 

No – we trust you! But it’s a great idea to keep everyone updated on your progress by posting updates and pictures on your fundraising page. 

Welcome pack and shipping questions

How do I register for a welcome pack?

Claim your free welcome pack by joining the Challenge via the Facebook Group and follow the registration steps.

What's in the welcome pack?

Each welcome pack contains a:

  • 'Standing up to cancer' t-shirt
  • Bandanna
  • Fundraising pocket guide
  • Daily checkoff chart so you can tick off each day you complete your challenge
  • Thank you postcard

We hope you enjoy the pack and they help you feel part of the Canteen community and spread the word about Canteen!

When will my welcome pack arrive?

Welcome packs are sent with Australia Post, please allow 14 days after you register for its arrival.

If your welcome pack has not arrived within this timeframe, please email facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au and we will look into it further. 

My t-shirt doesn’t fit, can I get a different size?

Unfortunately we cannot send out different sizes if the one you ordered doesn’t fit due to t-shirt availability and additional postage costs. We appreciate your understanding.

Why do you need my address and email?

We ask for your postal address so that we can send you a welcome pack for the Challenge, which includes one of our fabulous bandannas and a t-shirt.

We also grab your email address so that we can contact you and share stories of some of the wonderful work which you make possible with your support. You can unsubscribe from these emails at anytime.

I've received the wrong size t-shirt?

All t-shirts have been packed by the team and so are subject to the odd human error.

We'll get you the correct size sent out ASAP. Please email facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au and we will fix this for you.

My partner or children would also like to participate. Can I get them a t-shirt too?

Any additional team members are able to register with the normal process and we'll send them a welcome pack including the t-shirt. Please note that we cannot send welcome packs to anyone who is not taking part in the Challenge.

We understand that some children might be too young for Facebook and may not be actively fundraising through the platform, but you can still register them for the welcome pack.

Can I swap the bandanna that I received in my welcome pack?

Unfortunately we aren't able to swap your bandanna design with another. Our bandannas are however available for purchase from our online shop:

Shop now

I live outside Australia, can I still take part?

We would love for you to join the challenge and you can certainly join the Facebook Group and set up a fundraising page no matter where you are.

Please note that we're unable to send welcome packs outside of the Australia but please don’t let this stop you from joining the challenge.

How do I recycle my packaging?

This is really important to Canteen too. We have recently changed our bandanna packaging to be 100% biodegradable which breaks down in 3-6 months. It's just a first step for us!

We encourage everyone to recycle the packaging from the welcome pack. Soft plastics can be taken to your local red recycling location: redcycle.net.au/where-to-redcycle/

I have more than 1 dog, can I get multiple bandannas?

We would love to be able to provide bandannas for all your furry friends however we are limited on stock and need to make sure we have enough bandannas for each person that registers to fundraise. The bandannas are available for purchase on our website for $5 each if you're interested in purchasing another!

Shop now

Donation questions

Where does my money go?

The funds that you raise on this challenge will go to Canteen and supporting young people living with cancer. You can find out more about Canteen and what we do by clicking the link below:

Find out more about Canteen

Are donations tax deductible?

All donations over $2 made in Australia are tax deductible.

You should have a received a receipt to your email address (the one linked to your Facebook account), with the subject line ‘Your Facebook fundraiser receipt’.

You can also download your receipt by clicking the button below and following the instructions.

Get your receipt

I've received cash or cheque donations?

We encourage you to do most of your fundraising online using your Facebook fundraising page, but if someone has kindly offered to support your challenge with cash or a cheque donation, that's great! 

There are two options.

#1) You can donate personally using your credit card to your fundraising page. It's important to note that the receipt will be in your name, not your donors, and we can't change this unfortunately!  

#2) We have set up a 100km Dog Walk in July Challenge donation page on our Raise It site (which is our official community fundraising site), for people to support the challenge outside of donating on Facebook. Here's the link: https://www.raiseit.org.au/event/100km-dog-walk-in-july-challenge/home 

Donations made here will go to the same great cause, BUT they won’t be added to your overall tally because Raise it isn’t linked to Facebook.  

Another note: make sure you include your cash sponsor’s details when donating via Raise It  - that way the donation will be under their name and a receipt will be sent straight to them.  

We hope one of these options works and if not please reach out at facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au 

I have people who would like to sponsor me outside of Facebook?

We encourage participants (where possible), to fundraise through Facebook so that updates appear on your fundraising page and you can see just how much you've raised. However it’s completely understandable that not everyone will be able to do this.

We have set up a '5km a Day' donation page on our Raise It site (which is Canteen's official community fundraising site), for people to support the challenge outside of Facebook. Although we cannot allocate these donations to your Facebook fundraising page, we can allocate them to you internally.

Donate outside of Facebook

I am having problems with donations on Facebook/I’ve accidentally donated twice?

If you're experiencing these issues, please click the button below to go to the Facebook Help Page and follow the steps.

Facebook Help

If you need further assistance, please contact facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au.

How do I find my receipt for a donation I've made via Facebook?

After making the donation, you should've received a receipt to the email address linked to your Facebook account. The email should have the subject ‘Your Facebook fundraiser receipt’.

You can also download your receipt by clicking the button below and following the instructions.

Get your receipt

You should be able to see the donations you've made and download a receipt.

If you still need help, please contact facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au.

Facebook fundraising 

Does Facebook take fees?

No, Facebook does not take any fees. 

Canteen receives a cheque at the end of each month with all Facebook fundraising proceeds.

Facebook has their own set of processes and policies which you can read below:

Click here to be taken to Facebook's Fundraising FAQ page

How do I find my Facebook fundraising page?

Click the button below and click on 'Explore fundraiser' which should be located on the left side of the page. Your fundraising page should be at the top. You can also see any donations you've made.

Facebook management

If you need further help, please contact facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au.

My fundraiser has ended, how do I reactivate my page?

Unfortunately, you can't reactivate a fundraising page once it has ended. You can set up another fundraising page but please note that it won’t include the donations from your previous page.

To set up a new fundraising page for the event, please click the button below:

Create a new fundraising page

If you still need help, please contact facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au.

I've accidentally set up two fundraising pages. Can I merge them?

Unfortunately, we cannot merge your two fundraising pages. We suggest you end one of them and continue to fundraise on just one page. You can comment on your page and let people know that you have additional donations as well.

If you have further questions, please contact facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au.

Other questions

I still have questions, how do I contact Canteen?

If you still have questions, please contact facebookchallenges@canteen.org.au and we will be happy to assist you.

Please allow 2 business days for a response.