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Update - 23 July *** help me hit $2500 to keep me dancing through August

Hello all,  my donatoins slowed a bit and stood still at just under $2200 for a while.  I'm putting the challenge out there to help me get to $2500 to keep me dancing into August!  C'mon people dig deep to help my little Macarena Movement going.

29 June 2020 - Exciting news - The Today Show is filming us doing the Macarena during the 8:36am LIVE weather cross (from Balmoral Beach) :-)

Hello all,  can you believe we're into the 12th week of Canteen's Macarena challenge for each workday.  There have been some days where I just didn't feel like doing it, more than one - but thinking about the young people and families we support and how they don't have a choice to 'not do cancer' during this time, keeps me going.

Another great boost is the Today Show is intersteed in having us Macarena during a morning breakfast live weather cross (looks like 8:36 am)  Hurray, can't wait to do the Macarena wiggle on live national TV.

Thank you all for your support.  I put an ambitious fundraising target at $5k when i started and am almost to $2k, please give generously as we move into the last few days of the financial year!  

Move it for Canteen!

****update on 27 May 2020 ******

Just blown away by the donations and participation! Thanks everyone.

The Monday's of May Midday Macarena are now completed, we didn't get the full Macarena Wave across the globe, but did manage to get NZ, all Aussie timesones, Cambodia, Italy, UK, USA (several places) and Canada (Nova Scotia!!

My chllenge continues as COVID isn't over yet. Adding NEW TWIST! for the next 1-2 weeks - I've added in a patented Daddy Dance Move in the middle of song. See if you can spot and name the mid song sweet dancing improv in the comments section :-) (check my facebook page - I've posted each of my videos there)

Please join me: Film yours, post it and challenge your friends and family to join in.
Let's keep this spirit of bringing a little bit of joy going ...I guarantee that you'll smile and others will smile when they see your videos, I know I do ?:-) **************************************** What's this all about?
Raising vital awareness about the impact of COVID on young people (YP) dealing with cancer and their families & generating funds to help further Canteen Australia work in supporting YP and families.
How? I’m completing two challenges to raise awareness and funds: 1. I will do a Macarena each workday during the COVID lockdown 2. Try to get the Macarena challenge to go global. Cancer knows no borders. (shifting from Mondays in May to anytime,any day) C'mon you know you wanna do it :-)
Put simply: Cancer = scary and isolating COVID= scary and isolating Cancer + COVID = a horrible combo magnifying distress and isolation
Please record a video of you doing the Macarena, make your post "public" and use the hashtags and @'s below #canteensglobalmacarena #moveitforCanteen #CanteensMiddayMacarena Canteen Australia CanTeen New Zealand
If you're able, even small donations can help Canteen's work with young people (12-25yos) and families dealing with cancer to continue and reach even more:
Donations for Canteen Australia: https://www.raiseit.org.au/fundraisers/johnfriedsam/move-it-time
Donations for Canteen NZ: http://everydayhero.co.nz/event/Moveitforcancer
If you would rather give in your country, that's great too! In these tough times most charities are needing support to fulfill their mission. Please find a charity that supports children, adolescents and/or young adults and families dealing with cancer (or whatever is close to your heart). If not Canteen, I'd love to see you hashtag the charity you choose as well so that I can keep in touch with them as we work with many charities across the globe (eg Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK and Teen Cancer America in the USA) and I could get them to start promoting if there is interest in their country.

***Update on Monday 11 May 2020**

Week two of the Monday's in May Midday Macarena - Global Time Zone Challenge. We started off completing NZ and all three Australian Time Zones and need your help and networks to help us get each of the main 24 time zones participating at their midday. Forming a Midday Macarena Wave across the globe: For Australia and NZ - here are the Zoom Rooms if you want to join in with a larger group - these links will work for Monday 18 May and Monday 25 May.

For everyone else, please film yourselves and post to social. (Tagging details below zoom meetings) The zoom rooms hold up to 300, let's fill them!! That would be awesome.

Australian Eastern Standard Time, 12:00pm:
Meeting URL: https://canteen.zoom.us/j/92156886983
Meeting ID: 921 5688 6983

Australian Central Standard Time, 12:00pm:
Meeting URL: https://canteen.zoom.us/j/95840272268
Meeting ID: 958 4027 2268

Australian Western Standard Time, 12:00pm:
Meeting URL:https://canteen.zoom.us/j/92992456768
Meeting ID: 929 9245 6768

New Zealand Time, 12:00pm
Meeting URL: https://canteen.zoom.us/j/95926516045
Meeting ID: 959 2651 6045

Details below:
What's this all about?
Raising vital awareness about the impact of COVID on young people (YP) dealing with cancer and their families & generating funds to help further Canteen Australia work in supporting YP and families.

I’m completing two challenges to raise awareness and funds:
1. I will do a Midday Macarena each workday during the COVID lockdown (if I can't at noon, I will complete it that day)
2. The Monday’s in May Midday Macarena-Global time zone challenge completed. (PLEASE Join in!!)

Put simply:
Cancer = scary and isolating
COVID= scary and isolating
Cancer + COVID = a horrible combo magnifying distress and isolation

If you want to join in: Please record a video of you doing the Midday Macarena, make your post "public" and use the hashtags below
#canteensglobalmacarena #moveitforCanteen #CanteensMiddayMacarena Canteen Australia @CanteenAustralia

If you're able, even small donations can help Canteen's work continue and reach even more YP, and families : https://www.raiseit.org.au/fundra…/johnfriedsam/move-it-time

Get ready! Monday, May 4th - Mondays of May Midday Macarena global challenge!***

Mondays in May Midday Macarena (Global) Challenge

Only 3 sleeps until the first Mondays in May Midday Macarena (global) challenge.  Zoom invites have been set for Midday/noon in each of the Aussie, continental time zones.  We’re trying to get as many people as possible to join in on each of the Australian Time Zone Zoom bookings…

Share the Zoom dial in details with people in your Australian networks (eg your friends or family)-   Each zoom room can host up to 300 people…let’s fill all-three Aussie time zone zoom rooms.

Next Monday is 4 May 2020.  That’s right, the first Monday of May happens to be May the Fourth (be with You).  If you are participating on Monday, I would highly encourage:

-          Wearing your favourite Canteen bandanna. (if you have one)

-          Wearing Star Wars themed costumes.  Few things look better than a Wookie wearing a Canteen bandanna while doing the Macarena.

-          Having Star Wars props in view

-          Setting your favourite Star Wars image as your video wallpaper in Zoom


If you are, or have networks outside of Australia (or within Australia that wish to record their own videos), please get them involved.  We are attempting to complete a Global Macarena Wave with having at least one person, in every time zone across the globe recording their #CanteensMiddayMacarena at noon in their time zone and posting to social media.  To be able to track the Midday Macarena global wave of videos, please ask your networks to tag: 

Facebook: @CanteenAustralia #canteensglobalmacarena #moveitforCanteen #CanteensMiddayMacarena

Instagram: @canteen_aus #canteensglobalmacarena #moveitforCanteen #CanteensMiddayMacarena

Twitter:  @canteenAus  #canteensglobalmacarena #moveitforCanteen #CanteensMiddayMacarena

Add:  Town/City, State/Province and Country of where post was created

Also, please copy in the link to my Raise It page, so we can generate some fundraising too: https://www.raiseit.org.au/fundraisers/johnfriedsam/move-it-time

For ease:  here are the Zoom Invite links for Monday 4 May, by Australian Time Zones:

Australian Eastern Standard Time, 12:00pm:

Meeting URL:


Meeting ID:

921 5688 6983

Australian Central Standard Time, 12:00pm:

Meeting URL:


Meeting ID:

958 4027 2268



Australian Western Standard Time, 12:00pm:

Meeting URL:


Meeting ID:

929 9245 6768

****Update on Wednesday 22 April ******

Whew, getting into a rhythm now with filming - i'm posting my daily videos (since Tuesday 14 April) on my Facebook page. 

Its been a lot of fun engaging with people on the videos - my wife is joining in and posting her videos on FB and my niece in the USA was the first international video poster.

Please join in, film yourself and post on your preferred social channel

Updated Hashtags to use: #CanteensMiddayMacarena  #moveitforCanteen For Facebook be sure to include: @CanteenAustralia as well.  The other social channel tags are in my previous blog post. 

Please join in : If you do create and share a video - please make it "public". And include the hashtags. Help me get the awareness out there that those young people and families facing cancer are dealing with extra isolation burdens right now!
Cancer= increased isolation
COVID=increased isolation
Cancer + COVID = even greater isolation

The Move-It challenge is helping to fund Canteen's e-Support.

Thanks for your participation, generous donation(s) or both :-) 

Getting ready for the Monday's in May Midday Macarena - across all timezones

Hello all,

Working in supportive care in cancer for 18 years before moving over to fundraising, I was always struck by what cancer patients and family members of all ages describing cancer as a 'fun vacuum'.  For the past 7 years, working with Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) and their parents at Canteen this is particularly a stand out  ... I can't help but see the the 'fun vacuum' parallel  that COVID-19 is causing here in Australia and Internationally.    

Unfortunately, the combo of COVID-19 and cancer is really making it that much harder for Young People and families dealing with cancer...in many cases, young people and other family members can't go visit their mum, dad, brother or sister due to the risks of exposing them to the coronavirus.

Please join me in doing the Midday Macarena.  Showing your support for young people, parents and families going through cancer treatment during this time of increased isolation.  

Get yourself moving (it certainly get's your heart rate going), have a bit of fun with it, get your family moving with you at lunch time or with your team at work (through video conference that is).  

Lets get it going across the globe.  Make a donation if you are able, even if only a few bucks.

My dream is to have someone from every timezone across the globe record and share a video of themselves doing the Midday Macarena. Take a video and share it.  Be sure to tag 

Facebook: @CanteenAustralia  #CanteensMiddayMacarena #moveitforCanteen 

Instagram: @canteen_aus #CanteensMiddayMacarena #moveitforCanteen 

Twitter:  @canteenAus #CanteensMiddayMacarena #moveitforCanteen  

(Note: if you're not in Australia, also add your local Adolescent and young adult cancer charity in there- eg Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK or Teen Cancer America in the USA.  Let's show these Young People and Families all across the globe that we support them and if they can get through this, so can we!)

Cancer Doesn't Stop - I Won't Either! Midday Macarena Every Workday during the COVID-19 Lockdown

I am Moving It to ensure young Aussies impacted by cancer still receive the support they need during this difficult and isolating time.

Canteen supports young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling.

Young people impacted by cancer report high levels of isolation and cancer creates significant financial pressures on many families- sounds a bit like the impact COVID-19 is having on the world right now.... only it’s making it that much harder for young people and families impacted by cancer. 

Canteen has been helping break break isolation for 35 years and now online and tech based support is more vital than ever.  

Please help me help them, by giving whatever you can (even if only a few bucks.  Times are tough, I know - I’m thinking about the bus/train fare you saved by working at home or that take-away coffee your not getting) using the 'Donate' button.   Even if you can't donate, please join me in doing the Midday Macarena 

The more people that know about Canteen, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stephen Lansdowne

Go John!



From Kevin and Taylor


Jennifer Elswick

Sorry but I never learned the Macarena


Jerri Friedsam

This has been a great way to remember our young people who are going through so much. *Big Hugs*


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Never give up hope!


Seth Sweetser

Hi John, So... I was going to donate $5 every time I saw your big ass doing the Mac. But with the International charge, I figured I'd just do it all at once. And I've definitely seen you do it 20 more times by now. :) Love your cause, and love you, brother.


Kevin Jewell

Go big fella! You're doing a great thing, proud of you


Chris Gleisner

Go Johnno! Love you and the wonderful work you and Canteen do. So proud of you xxx


Howard Brady

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Well done John. Great moves. Great cause.


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John Friedsam


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This is an amazing endeavor, cheers to you and your selflessness to help these teens and their families!


Judith Martich

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Margaret Skagias

Congratulations John for your brilliant effort raising awareness and funds for Canteen. You are an inspiration. Best to you and all your colleagues at Canteen


Anita Tesoriero

Keep up the great work John!! So inspiring xxx


Peter S

I like your style groovy guy. Keep the planet dancing and singing :-))


Peter Crowfoot


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Loving your Macarena!



A llitle bit to support your amazing work, you are the best.



Love your passion at raising awareness. Keep smiling ?


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You’ve earned the Macarena title for 2020!




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What a great idea is this midday Macarena... All the best


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Leanne Jewell

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great work John!


Jordy Mcintyre

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