Dylan Braddy

Road Raise 2021

Hi There,

In April 2020 I am committed to make a difference in supporting young people when cancer crashes into their world.

CanTeen is the game changer - They help young people cope with cancer in their family, rebuild their foundations and connect with their peers in similar situations.

I'll be saddling up with 35 like minded cyclists on an epic journey from Adelaide to Melbourne - over 7 days travellling more than 1100kms AND reaching a total elevation of over 7500 Metres !

Please help me to reach my goal and together we can be the difference in their lives.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Hectorville Concrete Constructions Pty Ltd


Ian Smith

If your doing 1100 km I can do 30c a km, well done and good luck, great cause.


Dylan Braddy


Lyndon Valente


Caiazza Constructions


Lyndon Valente, Hmv Structural


Darren Martin

Good luck mate! Great cause :)



Good Luck mate....seeya in Port Vincent for a well earned rest!!


Wright Street Mechanical

You are a great inspiration


Ben & Raquel Lemon

You are a brave man with a big heart. If it doesn’t work out park your ride in Mornington on the way through!


Terry Harris



Good one big fella. Take plenty of vasoline, chapstick and beer. Enjoy the ride!


Gordon & Sandy


Phil & Lynlee

Bring extra socks to bulk up those knicks, oh yeeeaahh good luck Dyl!


Rob & Tina Will

Well done Dylan....Good Luck!


Dan Gowin

Do not forget to take a bike with you


Chris Lemon

Go well, Dylan - a great cause!


Paul Caruso


Mannum & Bridge Septic Pumping


Nick Rossi


Rick Nash

Go for it!


Workpac Group

Good luck mate.


Brett Pilgrim


Hamish & Asa Hogben

Good luck mate!


Roger And Carmel Martin

Awesome, good luck x


John Spratt

I hope you make it!!


J S M J S Braddy



Mik & Dan Bradley

Amazing work Dylan!


Dan Gowin

Ups.....I forgot ....comes with the age...that you need to take the push bike pump with you as well...try to remember it as well:):)


Denise Mcculloch

Great effort Dylan


Greg Symonds

What a great cause with you in spirit!


Powell Family

Great cause and good luck


Gill Family

Good on you Dylan. A very selfless thing to be doing.


Kate Mccarthy

That’s a long way in a car 😅. Great effort Dylan.


Cahill Family

Great cause Dylan. Good luck on the ride and don’t let anyone give you stick about the Lycra 😉 🚲


Frank Finelli


Elvio Valente

Go get ‘em Dilly !!! 👍


Paige Harris


Mark Gobolos

Nice work mate. Great cause! Good luck!




Simon Bussell

Shave those legs!

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