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Make a difference - Help me chop the mop

Hi everyone!

Just over 5 years ago my brother Julian was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's T-Cell Lymphoma and after 10 months of intensive treatment, he survived. That being said I'll never forget the gut wrenching fear I felt as I watched what I thought might have been his last days, now its time for me to do my bit. My friend James Haymont will be joining me in the shave, and I'm incredibly grateful for his support and contribution to this cause. Out of sheer kindness and concern for those effected by cancer, James has courageously offered to go bald beside me. This kind of support really is what fighting cancer is all about and his gift of support shoudn't go unnoticed. Come down to Vitality Hair Studio at 3:30 on Tuesday the 5th of November to watch it all go down!

CanTeen is a wonderful organisation that helps people from 12- 25 to overcome their cancer experience. Whether a sibling or child of a patient, or a patient themselves, CanTeen doesn't discriminate. CanTeen brings together teens from all around WA and provides them an opportunity to share experiences and heal from their journey. As a former participant I can wholeheartedly say that your donation, no matter how big or small, really is touching the broken hearts of teens right across Australia. We're all in this together, donate a little, so CanTeen can help a lot.

How to Donate: Donate online or in cash the donation box at the Denmark Senior High School Office or at the Little IGA

Thankyou - Dexter and James

Edit: When I began this journey I never imagined I would receive such support and I'm utterly blown away by it. So to all those beautiful, generous people who have donated or supported in any way: I love you all!!! This has been a truly amazing experience so far!

Thank you to my Supporters


Cynthia Anderson

Here’s my bit to help you help a great cause!


Joe & Anna Macri


Sonia Anderson

From the Denmark community


Lynley Anderson

Proud of you for doing this.


Ali Mcnamara

You’re an amazing young man, you should be very proud of who you are.


Sonia Anderson

Do I get to create the week-long style if I stay top donator? Hehehehee.


Kathy Rainbird

Good onya Dexter! And yay to CanTeen for the awesome work they do.


Alan & Wendy Anderson

Hi Dex, glad to be part of it


Rhonda Kalabrino Anderson

You're a legend


The Edmondsons

Love your work Dex!


Kingsley Gibson

Well done, Dexter. I’m going to miss the hair though.


Caroline Te-aotonga



Great effort for a worthy cause.


Sarah Clarke


Narina Christensen

Loving the colour Dex!! Hardly recognised you 😁😁 Such a great cause - good on you for making a difference for others. ❤


Valerie Thorniley

So proud of both of you, Dexter and Julian. Where is 'the' event taking place?


Tamir And Eve Kalabrino

Tamir: Well guess what, I'm now growing my hair (to donate) :) Eve: Hi there from me


Alan And Wendy Anderson

Thanks James for joining Dexter


Paul Laplanche


Anala Linckens

Great initiative! .... and it looks like your mum's still #1 on choosing your hair style. Make sure you show us all!


Jones Family

Go Dexter!


Elsa Luhn


Tom Silcock

sorry Dex I sent $30 short for Tom's donation.So here's the rest. Gran


Mrs Lesley Taylor

Well done Dexter. Your Mum told me all about your "quest".


Goulden Al-moosa’s

Good luck from Sol, Jayda, Kamal and Joss and our dog, suitably named Dex!



Good onya Dexter! Hope you've got a beanie handy . . . oh, of course you have!


Dane Carter

Go Dex,


Betty Thomas

Great work and Dexter. We hope you get your curls back


Pat And Norman


Steph Tchan

Good on you. Great goal for a great reason


Shiralee Goodwill


Sylvia And Frank Letchford

good on you, we'd like to help


Tom Silcocks

For a good cause


Bethel White

Well done Dexter


Jayne Taylor

Good on you Dexter and James. Its wonderful that Julian has recovered and that you are supporting this cause.


Rachel Hull




Asha Osbaldiston

Absolute struth




Davis Milne

Good job Dezza👍


Fons Thijssen

I hope you can use this little gift!


Lisa Black


Gem Addison



Corrillee Ann Payne

Great cause, you are awesome! And it will grow back really quickly too. Good Luck, Cheers!



Awesome Dex !!! So beautifully written 😊


Indi + Nic

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