Rider responsibilities

All riders ride at their own risk and are subject to the completion of the online registration including ride 'Disclaimer & Consent (waiver)' and providing personal and medical details.

Riders are advised to obtain their own sickness and accident insurance in case of sickness, accident or injury enroute to/from or during the event. School students are advised that their school’s insurance may provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week cover at a nominal cost. The organisers will also endeavour to meet any identified dietary requirements.

Reasonable levels of fitness and skill are required to complete the ride comfortably. Nominees are responsible for their own state of health. The organisers of this event are not medically trained and have no specific ability or skills to professionally assess the health or physical ability of entrants. We recommend that nominees who do not engage in regular and strenuous physical activity seek the advice of their doctor before undertaking this ride.

The organisers reserve the right to make any changes in the interests of safety.

Before, during and after, the event photos of participants may be taken for promotional, media or record purposes. Unless accompanied by a letter specifically stating otherwise (and providing sufficient information to identify the participant) this nomination acts as permission for photos to be taken and used as indicated.

The onus is on each rider to have their bicycle safety checked AND in safe working order for the start of the ride.

Rules for Riders

  • No overtaking of support vehicles.
  • Riders must stay with chosen group and may only swap groups at allocated stops.
  • Riders must stop at amber/red traffic lights and at railway crossings when lights flash - even if this means splitting the pack.
  • Helmets must be worn and secured correctly.
  • Riders must ride in double or single file.
  • Use hand signals to let people behind you know what you’re doing eg stopping.
  • No riding on pedestrian footpaths or kerbing while in convoy, unless ordered to by support driver.
  • Ride together as a tight pack
  • Road traffic rules must be observed at all times.
  • While following behind support vehicles do not attempt to hold or touch any part of the vehicle - maintain at least 6m gap.
  • Riders must stop and get into a vehicle if ordered to do so by group leader or support driver.