be a quitter

challenge yourself and give it up!

Start your fundraiser

We all have bad habits we want to give up. So what are you waiting for? Be a quitter today!

Quit your Sweet Tooth

Do you need that afternoon sugar hit? Pledge to give up that chocolate bar, lolly or muffin and raise money for young people facing cancer. Try donating the money you’d be spending on your fundraising page and watch how easily you can make a difference.

Quit Social Media

Are you that person who is always on their phone? Who always need to be checking your news feed? Ask your friends to donate for everyday you go without and challenge yourself to give it up for a week, a month or however long you last!

Quit Whatever

Whether it is coffee, that after work glass of wine or your daily indulgence – we think you’ve got what it takes. Challenge yourself, and not only show your commitment but also raise much needed funds to help young people facing cancer.